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Project #47 - [Drama] Osen - ep 04

Project #47 - [Drama] Osen - ep 4
Handa Sen is the "okami" (proprietress) of a long-standing restaurant in one of the lower parts of Tokyo. Though she is normally airheaded and loves to drink, she has an impressive mastery of a wide range skills, from cooking to ceramics to calligraphy. While the drama follows various events surrounding the restaurant, one of the series' highlights is its illustration of Japanese food and culture. --Tokyograph

Basic Information:

Translators: princekira
Editors: princekira
Timers: Karuchan; Tianj and Zindagi
Karaoke: Mr_K
Quality Control: Suboshiyui
Typsetting: Karuchan
Encoding: SacredCultivator

File Size: 658MB
Width: 704
Height: 396
Duration: 0:46:04
Audio Bit Rate: 128kbps
Audio Format: Lame mp3
Video Frame Rate: 29 frames/sec
Video Compression: XVID

* Title: おせん
* Title (romaji): Osen
* Format: Renzoku
* Genre: Food, comedy
* Broadcast network: NTV
* Broadcast period: 2008-Apr-22 to 2008-Jun-17
* Air time: Tuesday 22:00
* Theme songs:
Opening theme: Odore by Micro (of Def Tech)
Ending theme: Koi Uta - Koi Uta- by Tackey & Tsubasa


* Aoi Yu as Handa Sen
* Uchi Hiroki as Ezaki Yoshio
* Sugimoto Tetta as Fujishiro Seiji
* Mukai Osamu as Tomekichi
* Suzuki Ranran as Teruko
* Kudo Risa as Fuyuko
* Morita Ayaka as Tamagoya
* Okumura Tomofumi as Kenta
* Takuma Takayuki as Hayashi Takashi
* Watanabe Ikkei as Chinpindo-san
* Yo Kimiko as Asai Shizu
* Yuki Saori as Handa Chiyo
* Matsukata Hiroki as Kinoshita Hideo

Note: Click on the cap to see its original size. :D

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Full Episode: Megaupload
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Sendspace: [Part 1], [Part 2], [Part 3], [Part 4], [Part 5], [Part 6], [Part 7]
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Tags: [drama] osen, [je] uchi hiroki

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