May 30th, 2007

omgcp - jack

Project List

We aren't taking OFFICIAL requests as of yet. XP
Mainly because we have a ton of things that we personally want to sub. Sorry. XP But we hope you'll like the projects we do sub, nonetheless.

Updated: November 27, 2007.

Under QC and HS:
- [PV] NewS - NewS NIPPON
- [PV] NewS - Akaku Moyuru Taiyou
- [PV] NewS - Teppen
- [PV] NewS - Dreams
- [PV] NewS - Hoshi wo Mezashite (Spanish Version)
- [PV] NewS - Weeeek
- [PV] SMAP - Arigatou
- [PV] ToR+ - RuK Tur
- [PV] ToR+ - Arai Gor Dai
- [PV] V6 - Honey Beat

- [TV] 2007.03.06 TVBS-G-NEWS CONCERT
- [Clip] Golf's Interview
- See our Shounen Club/Shokura List.

Being Timed/Typeset:
- [DVD] NewS - Never Ending Wonderful Story
- [DVD] Kanjani8 DVD (Movie) - Collaboration with kansaiboys
- Papa to Musume no Nanokakan Episode 4-7
- See our Shounen Club/Shokura List.

Being Translated:
- [Utaban] 2007.07.06 Kanjani8 - Collaboration with kansaiboys
- 04.09.06 Concert MC (Fancam.)
- Grapevine (Yamapi's Movie.) - Collaboration with bakanosekai
- Papa to Musume no Nanokakan Episode 4-7
- Gekidan Engimono 3 and 4 /Special (We got permission to take this project over.)
- See our Shounen Club/Shokura List.

Potential Projects/Long Term Projects:
- NewS Concerts MCs (Fancams)
- Airgear musical
- Happy Boys
- Cat in Red Boots (This is up in the air. If we do do this, we want to talk to BNS who was suggested it.)
- Spirit concert, Kaizokuban Concert (In other words, we wanna try to sub concerts. But these'll definitely be lengthy.)
- Nobuta wo Produce Special (DVD)
- Kurosagi Movie

This will constantly be updated so keep an eye out if you wanna see where a certain project's at. ^_^