May 31st, 2007

omgcp - jack

Wanna Join Our Team?

We're looking for some good fine men people who would like to join our team! ^_^ You don't have to be experienced; we'll definitely teach you. (Considering how we're all pretty much new at this ourselves.)

Here are the Positions:
- Hard Subbing
- Quality Checking
- Timing (Regular or just Karaoke)

- Translations (We can never have enough of that.)
Currently we're looking mainly for Thai, but if you know Japanese translation too, we'd never turn that away. *grins*

Just comment here if you'd like to help us out. We can definitely teach you for any of these positions.
For knowledge of Japanese, it's pretty much required for the translating gig. But other than that, it's not exactly necessary.
For timing... Just have a lot of time and patience. (*laughs* Trust me on this.)
For Quality Checking, Good grammar please! You have to be able to take the japanese translations and make them flow better. ^_^

So yes. Comment here. We'll teach you the ropes. If you have MSN, we'd SO love it. It's how we keep in contact with each other. Also, pass us your email. Other than that. Have a good night and hope you'll join our team. ^_^