June 27th, 2007

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Project #2 - [SC] 2001 Nishikido Ryo - Talk and Performance (Angel)

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Project #2:
[SC] 2001 Nishikido Ryo - Talk and Performance (Angel)

SC clip with Ryo talking to hosts Hasejun and Yamapi, alongside special guest Yokoyama where they talk about what's in his heart, what his lunch was, and what the juniors think of him. Followed by a performance of Angel with 4 members of KAT-TUN as backup singers.

Enjoyed the subbed version!
(Note: There's a bit of emptiness at the beginning, but get past the 22 second point and the subs will start showing up. Also, this was the highest quality of the clip we could find, so I apologize.)

Basic Information:
Filename: [akirashock]2001RyochanTalk+Angel.avi
Size: 36.7 MB
Time: 8:17 Minutes

Translated Talk by: insane_desire/Maia
Translated Song by: bitofpixiedust/Lindsay
Timed/Typeset/Karaoke by: tinyangl/Kamika
Quality Checked by: lunarsweetie/Luna
Encoded by: rosevic87/Rosa

Download Links:
- Megaupload
- Sendspace
- Mediafire
- Jpopsuki

(Remember the rules: No uploading this onto any streaming site. Just...Check the rules. XP)

Drop a comment if you take please! ^_^ Enjoy!