September 9th, 2007


Project #21: [SC] 2007.07.01

Project #21: [SC] 2007.07.01
Shounen Club 2007.07.01 Kanjani8 guests on Shokura in Osaka, hosts Koyama and Murakami along with co-hosts Yabu and Hikaru from Ya-Ya-yah. Watch for a Kanjani8 medley led by four of the Kanjani8 members. Kanjani8 talks about things they like in Osaka (Yoko makes a joke as forced by the autocue card XP). Chats with both BOYS (where you find out what their name means) and Top Kids. Plus a Junior Medley and a performance from Yabu and Hikaru. Plus a very funny segment led by Kanjani8 called "Decide the Cool Kansai Man" Battle. Find out the winner and watch all the great performances in this one Shounen Club Episode.

Enjoy the entire Shokura! :D

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