November 18th, 2007


Project #27 - [SC] 2006.01.15

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Project #27: [SC] 2006.01.15
Shounen Club 2006.01.15. Tegoshi Produce~ "What's an Adult?" A Shokura that starts out dancing, and we meet the Junior Dance Champion Joey T. and hey look, it's Jimmy Mackey! There's a letter reading where some juniors reveal what they think an adult is. A letter exchange between Shige and Taiyou where Shige's scared face is "cute" and Taiyou calls Shige, "Shige." Shige has a one two on one interview with Tackey & Tsubasa where we get all three of them telling us "I love you..." (even if Tackey really can't do it). The game for this Shokura is "Shokura Mania~ I know how much I love Shounen Club." And lastly, Tegoshi has a monologue on the theme. As for songs: There's, of course, an adult medley that has Tegoshi at the star for most of them. J.J. Express, A.B.C. and Toshin Yoshikazu, Kis-My-Ft2 have performances of their own. There's a video of Tackey & Tsubasa's Venus. All of NewS performs, Tegomass performs Sunadokei (ABSOLUTELY AMAZING SONG) and Yamapi performs LoveXXXX (a performance we all can salivate over :D).

Enjoy the entire (really packed) Shokura! :D

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