December 2nd, 2007


Project #32 - [SC] 2007.08.05

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Project #32: [SC] 2007.08.05
Shounen Club 2007.08.05. NewS Guesting 1. Return of NewS to Shokura after their hiatus and long over-due. They start out the Shokura singing NewS Nippon and reveal the theme for this Shokura (and the next one) - Summer. As always, a medley follows and the juniors of this Shokura (and the next) are three groups from Kansai (B.A.D., BOYS and OSSaN) as well as our lovely Tokyo boys, Shoon and Taiyou. Ryo joins in for the last two songs of the medley (and elbows a junior). Tegomass is the first to show their summer diary and then perform Kissu. BAD is next as they try to "impress" Nakamaru and show him the most interesting story in order to introduce the next song which is Sayaendou with NewS. Then we get NewS wo Akabe which is seriously the funniest thing I've ever seen (if not irritating from the timing viewpoint). Shoon and Taiyou both perform solosand then together. Hey!Say!7 get interviewed and their PV is played. (Hey!Say! just as a reminder~) Yamapi then gets interviewed and has his own medley. And NewS ends the Shokura with Kirameki no Kanata e~

Enjoy the entire (really packed) Shokura! :D

Note: Unfortunately, we messed up one of the names in the credits. A corrected version will be up as soon as is possible, so please bear with us.
Note2: Newest file with the correct credits are now up.

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