September 17th, 2008


Project #50 - [DVD] NEWS - Never Ending Wonderful Story - Disk 2 [COMPLETE]

Project #50 - [DVD] NEWS - Never Ending Wonderful Story - Disk 2
Well, here is the long awaited NEWS DVD! We want to thank all of those who have waited for our release. AS! has had quite a few changes since we announced that we were doing this project. Not all of them were good, but we kept going and now, we're proud to release our first ever big project! We hope that everyone will enjoy this release. The staff at AS! has worked many long hours to bring this to you and we hope that you enjoy it!

We also want to announce that this is our 50th Project! :D We hope to continue to give the fandom more and exciting releases!

Note: We'll be releasing a split version later on as well :D

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