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{akira shock!}

Subbing many videos at one time

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About Us
Akira SHOCK! Fansubs is a fansubbing group that originally began as a few friends on Livejournal wanting to sub some JE clips. It progressed from that into a full fledged fansub group. Currently, the majority of our projects center on actors within Johnny's Entertainment (JE). We currently have thirty-seven (37) people on staff. We are not in need of staff but translators are always welcomed! See post for more details. Other sites: Fansub wiki
Our Rules
Please follow these. We don't want any trouble. We release, you guys watch. We like it. So no breaking the rules, please?
1. Only Akira Shock! staff are allowed to upload AS! files on trackers/bittorrent.
2. We do allow direct links, etc. to be shared among friends and communities as long as the file remains unaltered and credited to Akira Shock! Fansubs.
3. Absolutely NO UPLOADING to streaming media sites including but not limited to Youtube, Google, Veoh, iFilm, Crunchyroll, Dailymotion. This is not open for debate. If any of our releases are found on these sites, we will notify the respective site and have
them removed.

4. Do NOT put our releases up for sale or auction, such as ebay, etc. This should be a no brainer; when we do this for free, we MEAN we are making no money off of this and neither should you.

You guys respect these, we'll love you forever and ever. <3

Our Staff
Head: Lindsay
Japanese: Cel-Chan, Shy Hinata, Pat, *Buraemon, *Ryoutsu_Kankichi_Py, *Shirosagi, *Olivia. *Threxhi
Japanese Editor: Tifa-Chan
Chinese: Rachel, Chereie
Spanish: Alina, Kusanotti, Pinkosa, Kaiamira
Thai: Mash, Tia
Timers & Typesetters
Head: Kamika
Japanese: Em, Karuchan, Kay, Alina, Tsuki, Mura-Chan
Spanish: Alina
Thai: Mary, Lindsay
Quality Checkers
Head: Mary
Japanese: Phoun, Luna, Mika, Lavi, Somnium, Sophia, Jaymie, e7erlasting
Spanish: Shigeoki
Thai: Luna
Head: Rosa
*Sacredcultivator, Foofeh

*certain projects
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